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Heat Pump Rebates

When it comes to heating and cooling a home, it's tough to beat an energy efficient Energy Star Electric Heat Pump! Energy Star Heat Pumps are proven, reliable workhorses that function in the same way a refrigerator or air conditioner does. They don't create any heat - they simply move it, or pump it, from one place to another. Because they create no heat, they use very little energy to get the job done. And, because they're electric, you know they're clean, reliable and safe. No fumes, no tank to fill, no pilot lights, no chimneys, no open flame in the house, no worries. Year-round comfort and savings for your home!


How heat pumps work

Energy Star Heat Pump Rebates:

Type: Ground Source Air-to-Air
New Load Bonus: $400 + 5% loan $400 + 5% loan
Clay-Union: $500 $200
Total Rebate: $900 $600


  • One rebate per location every 15 years
  • Current (minimum) Energy Star guidelines for an air-source heat pump are as follows -  8.5 HSPF or higher, 15 SEER or higher, 12.5 EER or higher (These limits can and will change – consult with your heating and cooling person for current standards.)

  • MUST be Energy Star CERTIFIED (not just meet the requirements but actually certified).

  • The heat pump must be subject to the cooperative load control program and shall be subject to sub metering.


  • 2.2 cents per kWh reduction on all heat pump usage

Load Control Program:

Equipment Requirements:
Clay-Union Electric will furnish and install a load management receiver and appropriate metering at no additional cost to the consumer. The load management receiver must be installed and in use to qualify for rebate proceeds.

Controlled Hours:
Currently the heat pumps are controlled only during the summer months. The consumer should note that units might be controlled at any time during the cooling season.

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