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Board Meeting Minutes

On April 28, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. the board meeting was called to order by board President Tom Larsen. Also in attendance were Terry Munter, Mike Slattery, James Ryken and Chris Kinney. Staff members Chris Larson, Beth Bottolfson, Mike Kruse and Mike Kjose also attended.

Agenda – (action item) No changes needed, a motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the agenda.

Visitors to Be Heard – none

Minutes – (action item) After review, a motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the 3/24/17 board meeting minutes.

Electronic Funds Transfer – The board reviewed the EFT/ACH payments and the monthly check list as presented.

New Members and Refunds – (action item) A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve new members, refunds and credit deposits as presented.

Early Retirements of Capital Credits – (action item) After review, a motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the early retirements as presented.

Contracts – (action item) none

Policy Review – (action item) After review and some lengthy discussion regarding the definitions in the policies. A motion was made, seconded and carried to table any action until the next regular board meeting.

Resolution – Development Land Sale (action item) – Manager Larson explained that the resolution was needed to meet RUS requirements for a partial mortgage release. After some discussion, a motion was made, seconded and carried to accept the resolution approving the sale of the Development Property.

Manager’s Report – was presented by Manager Larson.

  • Board Meeting - The next regular board meeting was scheduled for May 26th.

  • East River MAC - East River MAC met April 7th in Madison. Also, reviewed the new Farm Safety Campaign.

  • Clay-Union Land Inquiry - We received notification from the DOT that they will be leaving the approach on our side of Hwy 50.

  • Rate Increase - Manager Larson discussed the notification process used to inform the membership of the rate increase set for May 1st, 2017. Manager Larson discussed two inquiries he had received on the rate increase.

  • Buildings - A draft report on the condition of the building was received and will be analyzed and discussed at the next meeting.

  • Developments - Potential new service developments were discussed

  • CEO training and orientation - This training and orientation was sponsored by NRECA, CFC, Federated and NRTC.

    Manager Larson shared various topics that the speakers had shared with the group of new CEO’s.

  • NRECA Legislative Conference - Director Munter and Manager Larson provided highlights from the different sessions that they had attended.

  • Cyber Security - East River has started implementing phase two of the pilot program.

  • Annual Meeting - The board reviewed the process, agenda and offered ideas to better the meeting for next year.

  • Electric Contractor - Manager Larson discussed the process of finding a replacement for the Electrician Foreman position due to the retirement of Brad Brodersen. Gary Koble, who ran his own business and holds an electrical contractor license has been offered and has accepted the Electrical Foreman position. He will begin his duties May 15th, 2017.

  • Union County Annual Meeting - Director Munter, Manager Larson and Kjose attended and each offered input regarding the meeting.

  • Annual Audit - Eide Bailly was here the last week for the Annual Audit. The Audit report will be given to the Board by Eide Bailly staff at the next board meeting.

    Departmental Reports – Business Manager Bottolfson provided the administration report that included:

  • Billing Activity for March 2017 - Disconnects because of delinquent energy bills were discussed.Also, a group training seminar for employees was discussed.

  • Annual Financial Audit - Eide Bailly conducted our annual audit. A review is scheduled for the May board meeting with the board. The Audit report will be given to the Board by Eide Bailly staff at the next board meeting.

  • Financials for March 2017 - All regular financials were posted on the secure site for board review. A few items from those reports were highlighted during the verbal report. At this time, Kruse provide the operations report that included:

  • Wiring Crew Activity - Some projects included remodel jobs, generator hookups and underground secondary faults. The hiring of Gary Koble to fill the position that will be vacated when Brad Brodersen retires was discussed.

  • Outage Update - One outage was reported

  • Service Update - There was one service upgrade

  • New Services - There were seven new services completed for the month.

          Kjose now provide the member service report that included:

  • Participants in this year’s DC Youth Tour and Youth Excursion. Carter Larson – Joel Druin – Stian Olson

  • East River Member Service Meeting - Reviewed the topics and materials offered during East Rivers Spring Member Service Meeting that included a membership to Safe Electricity. The 2017 advertising campaign was also provided.Other topics included; Third party rebates and the rebate management process - A review of the process needed for grid enabled water heaters and EIA form 861 reporting - A program from Basin Electric that is designed to develop young co-op members into future co-op leaders. There was also a review of Legislative matters and a PURPA.

    Financial Report – Business Manager Bottolfson had posted  a summary of the financials earlier for board review that included the 1st quarter rate and revenue for 2017, Balance Sheet , Cash Flow Statement, CRC Income and Expense, Interest Income, Investments with CFC, Kwh Sales - Monthly and Year-to-date, Large Power, Line Loss, Operating Statement, Power Bill, Summary of Purchased Power, Wiring Income and Expense Report.

    Safety Meeting Minutes – The board reviewed the April safety meeting minutes.

Adjournment – There being no further business, a motion was made, seconded and carried to adjourn at 2:30 pm.

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