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Trees and Right of Way

We wish to provide the best possible service to each member. Therefore, it is a condition of membership, that all employees and agents be granted the right to have access to your premises at reasonable times to read meters, test, repair or replace any equipment of the Cooperative which is on the property or to connect or disconnect service.

A right-of-way clearing of trees and brush is essential for the efficient and safe operation of distribution power lines. Tree limbs in contact with electric lines may cause power outages, become potential fire hazards, and/or endanger the lives of children climbing trees. Trees that threaten the reliability of your electric service will be trimmed or removed by the Cooperative at no cost to you.

This is also a good time to mention when planting trees to please remember that they do grow. When surveying an area for tree planting remember to take into account the power lines over head or under- ground that may be in the area.

Stay away from trees near overhead lines. The wind and even their own weight can make the limbs touch the power line. This contact can carry electricity thru them and the slightest touch could cause an injury or even death.

Below is a diagram indicating the distance trees need to be planted from buildings and power lines.

Tree Planting

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